Trust & Understanding

Transparency in Every Transaction.
Our approach to wealth management is based on our ability to reduce excessive costs that occur in the complicated process of banking & investments.
For most people, reading investment prospectuses and the figurative fine print is time-consuming and hard to understand. Our goal is to make financial concepts easier, enhancing our client’s sophistication. We explain the intricacies of investment and financial management so our clients know how to arrive at right decisions and transactions.  While finance and investments may seem daunting, TDG demystifies the financial world for its clients.
Like every financial institution, we work hard to earn your trust. But our goal is to go beyond you trusting TDG. We want you to understand us.
transparent:  /transˈperənt//
easy to perceive or detect; having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived.
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Collaboration in Our Community

NYC Business of Sport School.
Financial Literacy is at the heart of our mission and like many of our clients, the Doman Group wanted a way to give back in a way that fit our mission. The Business of Sport School is a public high school in our neighborhood where the average student enters with below average scores. While Mark has Co-Chaired the Advisory Board the school has improved with constant involvement leaders in the sports business community acting as mentors to these students.
One of the big focuses this past year has been to provide business and financial literacy through BOSSWear NYC - an innovative afterschool program focused on teaching students the business of product creation and sales in order to raise money through traditional business conversations that revolve around the product they know and understand. Now available at are school inspired products that help fund the afterschool program, college tours and test prep classes.

When Opportunity Knocks.

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