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Tailoring Our Business to Your Needs.
The Doman Group believes that Financial Services should go beyond investment advisory and portfolio management. Years of experience servicing high net worth clients and ultra-high net worth clients have given The Doman Group unparalleled insight into the business challenges, opportunities and questions that face these types of clients each and every day.  We serve the role of a seasoned CFO in the field of business management, and are positioned to help our clients achieve long-term financial success in multiple arenas. 
As a client of The Doman Group, you will never feel alone when making business decisions that have implications for you and your family’s future.  We have unique systems and experienced leaders in place to serve as your personal advisory team.
This comprehensive and holistic method of Financial Advisory is the approach our clients deserve.  Naturally, it is also the philosophy that The Doman Group lives and breathes.     

Bill Pay & Monitoring

From handling the day-to-day billing needs of our clients and their families to constantly monitoring these bills, we provide professional bill-paying services that outline our clients’ discretionary and non-discretionary spending.  We review those summaries with clients on weekly, monthly or quarterly bases.

Financial Planning

Many of our clients are uniquely positioned to earn substantial amounts of income in short periods of time.  Creating a long-term perspective for those clients – preparing them for life after their careers – is equally important as growing their assets.  The Doman Group is committed to focusing our clients on the true path to wealth – financial freedom – by creating sustainable lifestyle budgets that can be maintained for a lifetime.
Our customized budgeting and forecasting tools help clients determine the level of funds able to be set aside for investing, home purchases and discretionary purchases.

Relocation Services

Many of our clients travel extensively, sometimes living away from home for months at a time.  We are experts preparing those clients for life in a new city or new country, making transitions as seamless as possible.

Credit Monitoring, Analysis & Restoration

Beyond preserving and growing our clients’ wealth, The Doman Group monitors all facets of its clients’ financial lives.  In today’s credit environment, those with excellent credit are privy to financing opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to the general population.
By clients monitoring their credit, we are able to protect their credit scores and quickly identify any issues of identity theft.
Doman Group Fiduciary

Financial Partnership for Collaborative Security

Believing in a true system of checks and balances in our clients’ financial lives, TDG recommends keeping its clients assets at large financial institutions who will custody their assets for their protection.  By having a bank operate as a custodian for clients assets as opposed to advising clients on their assets, TDG clients get the security of having their money in a big bank with the added benefit of independent advice created solely in their best interests.

Fidelity Investments and Doman Group Fiduciary

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Charles Schwab and Doman Group Fiduciary

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Chase Private Client and Doman Group Fiduciary

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