Business Advisory

We Understand the Bigger Picture.
The Doman Group believes that Financial Services should go beyond investment advisory and portfolio management. Years of experience servicing high net worth clients and ultra-high net worth clients have given The Doman Group unparalleled insight into the business challenges, opportunities and questions that face these types of clients each and every day.  We serve the role of a seasoned CFO in the field of business management, and are positioned to help our clients achieve long-term financial success in multiple arenas. 
As a client of The Doman Group, you will never feel alone when making business decisions that have implications for you and your family’s future.  We have unique systems and experienced leaders in place to serve as your personal advisory team.
This comprehensive and holistic method of Financial Advisory is the approach our clients deserve.  Naturally, it is also the philosophy that The Doman Group lives and breathes.     

Investment Management

Economic factors and investment trends may change, but our commitment to prudent and responsible long term investment management remains the same. Our primary focus is to understand each of our clients' unique set of circumstances and goals, then design and maintain a tailored investment program to provide for their current needs and achieve their long-term goals.
Our investment research is based on knowledge, experience and a disciplined approach to value investing. We seek to achieve above average long term results for our clients through customized, objective and prudent investment advice.
Our investment selection process is focused on the quality and long-term fidelity of the businesses in which we invest, rather than on current industry trends.  We invest for the long-term and across all asset categories, with the goal of achieving optimal asset allocation for your portfolio that will preserve capital while delivering steady growth.

Tax Planning

The Doman Group knows that wealth planning is an integral part of financial management and that taxes can have a significant impact on your finances.  Taking into account the type of investment, the timing of your profit, and the way it is taxed can significantly minimize your tax liabilities.
The Doman Group works with experienced and qualified external professional tax advisors to ensure that your tax filing process is streamlined.   
Our staff carefully analyzes your monthly statements to categorize all of your spending in order to take full advantage of your allowable deductions. We assist in keeping your records up to date and in compiling the necessary supporting documentation needed by the external tax advisors to complete your tax returns.

Insurance & Estate Planning

In order to protect yourself and your family, it is important to plan for the unexpected. There are many important factors to consider when purchasing an Insurance Policy to safeguard your assets.  To simplify the purchasing process, The Doman Group employs Life, Property/Casualty, Accident and Healthcare Insurance experts.  We provide sound advice to guide you to the best policy, suiting your individual needs.  We advise our clients on the many different insurance products available as well as how much protection is needed, based on your financial position and lifestyle.  We know that planning for your future is an important and complicated process – we are here to guide you along the way.
No matter your net worth, it is important to have a plan for your estate in place.  This plan will ensure that your family and your financial goals are provided for when you are not around to make important decisions regarding your assets.  From setting up a Will, Trusts or a Power of Attorney, The Doman Group can provide insight and direct you to the proper resources.  We work very closely with a number of Estate Planning Attorneys and CPAs throughout the country who provide expertise so that your assets are transferred to the people and organizations that matter the most to you.
The Doman Group will work to ensure that you are set-up for long-term financial success by strategizing a plan that considers your financial legacy.
We understand the hard work required to achieve the success that you enjoy today. Our goal is to ensure these efforts continue to pay dividends long after retirement.

Real Estate

The Doman Group works beside you to make sure that you end up in the home that you deserve. Whether you are looking for an investment property or purchasing your dream home, we have a dedicated support staff with over 15 years of real estate experience nationwide, to guide you every step of the way.
With a combined understanding of your purchasing needs and a knowledge of your overall financial situation, The Doman Group is able to structure your transaction and navigate the ins and outs of any deal. Through our full service approach and an understanding of our clients’ long-term financial plan, our interests are directly aligned with yours. When it comes to the search process, securing financing and closing the deal The Doman Group is focused on your best interests. The Doman Group is devoted to ensuring that our clients find happiness in their purchase while considering capital appreciation years down the road.

Charitable Endeavors

The Doman Group and its clients are dedicated to giving back to their communities.  As a sponsor of local schools and charities, The Doman Group encourages all clients to help create opportunities for those less fortunate by giving them the opportunity and resources needed to succeed. 
At the core of The Doman Group’s philosophy, we leverage our capabilities for a philanthropic purpose while structuring gifts, grants and donations in the most tax efficient way.